Global Educational Expiation of Development and Support

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Our Mission

With regard to the phase of change in the Kingdom, GEDS will be an attractive spot for all those interested in the development of the education sector and also for the investors who seek to play a vital role in this change.

GEDS is the first exhibition of its kind in the Kingdom. with the broad participation of different countries in the world, It seeks to shed light on the latest products and innovations in industries and modern technology that respond to education needs and learning solutions and strive to exploit them by specialists and those interested in the development of education, research, and creativity.

Helping educators, developers, and students achieve scientific progress and keep abreast with the age of development and innovation.

Enhance investment opportunities on the one hand and save time and efforts in accessing them on the other hand.

Unveiling the importance of the private education sector and its significance in the national economic development

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